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"The land itself - should be as dear to us all as our political heritage and our treasured way of life. Its preservation and the wise conservation of its renewable resources concerns every man, woman and child whose possession it is."

-Walt Disney

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When you request a gardening consultation, we will guide you through these 3 unique steps:  Define your personal ecosystem. Create a basic design layout that fits your landscape's needs and your wants. Discuss horticultural issues and general maintenance (e.g. Pests and Disease, Pruning Techniques, Drainage and Water Problems). Learn more about the 3-Steps

By meeting you onsite, we can help you by starting a master plan with phases or just the small beginnings of adjusting your existing landscape, or simply answer some of your landscape's tough questions! We are there to provide expertise and education to help you enjoy your landscape.


Ecosystem Management

We work with you and your native space to find the right maintenance program for you. We offer as little or as much as is required to make your environment thrive. From a personalized management guide to performing the work with you or for you, we will walk with you every step of the way to make or retake your natural space.


We work with you to restore or retake that native space in your landscape that has been hiding beneath! We outline phases and provide the best methods for your landscape and your budget to create a long term, healthy renewal for your landscape.


Landscape Architectural Design

We customize all of our designs to fit your landscape's ecosystem along with your desires. We can provide a vision for your landscape, whether it is a master plan with multi-year phases, adjustments and additions within an existing landscape, or simply a small new project. Creating a plan is vital for watching your vision unfold to create that perfect space!



We help connect you to the best craftsman in the area to see that your project is completed and managed with the highest quality from start to finish! We work with skilled masons, carpenters, contractors and more to create patios, decks, ponds or pools, art pieces, architectural features (pergolas, trellises, etc.), landscape lighting, annual features and decorations, and of course beautiful plantings. By creating a landscape architectural plan we can work with you to phase in your project from initial installation through completion and management.


We provide advice, direction, strategies, hands-on training, and short and long term management to help your garden and ensure that your ecosystem continues to grow.


Educational Opportunities

Our educational opportunities offer a wide range of unique experiences. From garden clubs to schools, whether it's a private organization or personal one-on-one consultation, we extend professional knowledge to you as well as exciting, fun activities. Call today or send us a message to help you see nature differently.


Landscape Photography & Videography

Our Photographer works with you to capture your landscape masterpiece and bring it to life digitally. From master plans to buzzing pollinators, we are committed to providing you quality and stunning photos and videos. Visit our photography site to learn more!



At PlanIt Landscape Perspectives, LLC, it is our great pleasure to honor those who serve their communities and our country with a 10% discount on all consultations and designs. This discount applies to all current, retired, and veteran Firefighters, Police Officers, Dispatchers, Correctional Officers, EMS, Emergency Medical Personnel, Search and Rescue Personnel, Border Patrol Agents, Park Rangers, Game Wardens, Conservation Personnel, and Military.


Thank you for your Service!

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