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3 Step Consultation Process

We help you see nature differently. Our three step process builds a bonding relationship between our local ecosystems and our customers.  We help you define the habitat around you, create design layouts, or discuss issues and management within your landscape.  Learn more about our steps to create a landscape that has a unique relationship to nature and one that is uniquely designed for you.



Discover Your Ecosystem

An ecosystem supports an abundance of species. It is important to understand the ecosystem that you live in before starting to change your landscape.  As our logo suggests, plants are the edge pieces of the puzzle that holds our environment together.  Hosting hundreds of species, the Red Oak leaf  is just one way to represent this vital connection. By understanding how plants host different kinds of insects or animals we can facilitate a natural balance within your landscape. We can help discover your ecosystem and understand what your landscape needs and can provide for you.

Step 1


Create a Design

Creating a design starts with you. This step takes what we learned about your ecosystem and combines how you want to use your landscape. Our attention to detail ensures that balance of needs and wants. We can create a place for entertainment, a quiet retreat, a renovation or even future expansion.  No project is too large or small!

Step 2



Management is always a concern and we maximize our efforts to help it be as painless as possible. Your landscape is now a redefined ecosystem and we want to ensure it stays healthy. Our guidance on issues and care will help you achieve your goals of function and enjoyment. With every modification to a landscape, new challenges arise and each new phase brings changes.  With our help, you will have the knowledge, tools, and resources to overcome those challenges and enjoy your landscape.



Contact us today to set up your consultation so you can Create It, Design It, and Plant It!

Step 3
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