At PlanIt Landscape Perspectives, LLC our goal is to walk with you every step of the way by providing exemplary service designing the landscape to fit form, function, and ecosystem. We will provide the tools to help you create, design, and plant your landscape.


Who We Are

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PlanIt Landscape Perspectives, LLC is a Landscape Architecture firm with a focus in Native landscapes and ecosystems. We make every effort in creating a balance between people and ecosystems. We strive to inspire our clients to 'play in the dirt' and discover what nature has to offer besides the beauty of color and design. 



Amanda received her Bachelors in Landscape Architecture from Ball State University. In addition to being a Professional Landscape Architect, she is also a LEED and SITES Certified Professional. 'Amanda plays in the Dirt,' a phrase her great-grandmother used to describe her, reflects Amanda's passion of Nature and gardening. She loves the outdoors and traveling, and she is always creating.

"There is a great satisfaction by creating a meal from something that you have helped grow. I have always been inspired by the complexity and wonder of nature and wanted to learn more."  - Amanda Arnold



Jonathan received his Bachelors in Industry and Technology from Ball State University. He is a proud member of the Indiana Air National Guard and has served two deployments overseas. He is a nature photographer and web design hobbyist among other things. His love for travel and the outdoors keeps him on the move.

"Nature is's all natural. When we force nature to be something it's not, expect it to fight back." - Jonathan Arnold

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