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Celebration and Spring Review

We are wrapping up #LandscapeArchitectureMonth this week and looking into the beauty of the month of May! (Finally) We are all busy with projects, deadlines, and long awaiting the arrival of plants (that are more than just pots with roots). However, this is a great time to pause (though we don't feel we have the time) as Landscape Architects and review our projects, review our work, and understand the lessons that can be learned as we move into another season.

Celebration with #ILASLA was this past week and we enjoyed a day of great conversation at some beautiful installations around the city and an evening of discussions about our role in our changing climate and society and a celebration of award winning projects. We had great speakers like our past National ASLA president #VaughnRinner and acclaimed University Professor #DrWilliamSullivan. It is a great day to see where we have come and where we are going as professionals and learn from each other so we don't continue designing projects in our own realms.

So we can create, install and manage places like this by #sitedesign ....

Or this by #HitchcockDesignGroup....

Or this by #KettlekampandKettlekamp.....

Instead of places like this....

Mother nature is resilient but not that resilient..... I do like the attempt of fencing around the trunk to protect the tree.... but let's be honest what is it really doing and do they really expect that tree to survive?

So many times we don't think about the long term impact of our projects or go back and see the end results, a year, two years or five years after the fact. We need to see how people are using the space, how successful some plants were and how some were not, unfortunately, and how we can move forward with that knowledge. Nature is always telling us something, this spring was especially true. Be patient and wait. That is difficult with our landscapes. We get all excited and just want it to be like the pictures after it is installed but the truth is, nature takes time; it evolves, changes, and moves ever forward. We as Landscape Architects must move with and work with nature to create something more creative, resilient, and evolutionary with each project we touch! So Celebrate Spring, be patient and understanding with Mother Nature, and search for and demand something greater from the projects you create for today and tomorrow.

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