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Hidden Gems

It's time to pause and see the Hidden Gems in the #Garden and the assets you have. Look around and see what you see (well maybe try again tomorrow!)

It's time to think about the first glimpses of beauty and of course #rootcrops, and focusing on the initial maintenance in your garden. I will be planting some lettuce in my garden this week (after of course today bombs out with 25 as a low and snow!- beautiful day). But don't be deterred we can start thinking and acting like spring even if Mother Nature has to catch up! Root crops will be able to take light freezing and cool temperatures. So plant that lettuce, spinach, radishes, and onions!

While it's time for root crops direct sowing, it still is a little early for #mulch and some #maintenance items on your list. Our bulbs and early flowers like #Helleborus, #BlueBells, #Daffodils are going to be ok- but be careful of mulching too early. It's ok to start cutting debris back- but don't get rid of it! Keep those 'free' organics onsite and use them as rich natural mulch. Chop them up and keep old leaves and debris onsite. We all get anxious to make our gardens look fresh in the spring but the truth is we really don't need to mulch until later May or June and mulch for the summer. When we mulch too early you are just paying for material that is going to be partially gone by summer and next winter when the plants are getting enough nutrients from the spring rains and the hot summer sun hasn't come yet to dry up the soils. Use the 'free' gem organics before you add new ones!

Find the Hidden Gems in your garden this time of year when we are anxious to rush ahead- don't clear away too much and don't overlook the beauty that comes unfortunately slowly, but early. Be patient with Mother Nature- she never does anything too fast so don't expect speed out of your garden- enjoy the discovery!

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