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It's Elemental my dear.....

Not only did this last week mark records for the Arctic winter area but it marked the annual #iLandscape Education and Tradeshow event in Schaumburg. While the little one and I stayed home during the two coldest days, we ventured out on Friday to take in the Elements. This year's theme was all about the elements of the landscape: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. As #LandscapeProfessionals, we study the elements of nature to create, recreate, mimic, and transform nature.

We have the joy and responsibility to create something better in our environments or work with and celebrate what Mother Nature created best.

As we enjoy this spring like day- think about what element best describes your landscape? What do you want to pull out of your landscape? What do you want to shine? How do you use those elements to create your space with function and beauty?

Is it Earth? Trees, shrubs, flowers, soil, landforms, and textures are the centerpiece of this garden. Whether you are working with natural contours of the land or create new ones or simply enhancing the existing ecosystem working with a variety of plants- working with the elements of earth can make an ordinary place, extraordinary!

Is it Fire?

Fire lights up the landscape (no pun intended). It creates illumination, invention, and interest. It lets us gravitate towards something. It can provide a strong focal point in any landscape, a gathering space, a cozy retreat. Let fire be the dynamic surprise in your landscape.

Is it Water?

Who doesn't like water? Water gives life to all of nature and can be simple and quiet or loud and raging. Water transforms, moves, and creates. It defines a landscape with form, groupings of plant material, structure, and movement. Let water play across your landscape, whether it be subtle or in your face fantastic!

Is it Wind?

Do you have movement in your landscape? Do you want to create movement? Wind is all about movement and space. Wind create ornate sculptures and dynamic views. Let your landscape be transformed using elements to create larger spaces, show movement and flow, and direct views. Don't be afraid to add a little art in the landscape to create that dynamic 'wow' factor, whether it be through plant material or artwork.

Whatever your Element of choice, let #LandscapeProfessionals help you create the ultimate oasis! So you can hang out with this cool Barn Owl like #PizzoNativePlantNursery by creating an Elemental #Ecosystem in your backyard with me. Looking forward to working with you as your #LandscapeArchitect this Spring!

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