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It's Planting time, but....

#Spring is finally here or is it summer? I am not sure Mother Nature knows but in any rate it is planting season. Everyone is rushing out to buy annuals and bring color and life in the garden. We have contractors planting trees and shrubs with just tiny leaves on them (keep those well watered and apply a root stimulating fertilizer if you do plant this early as their root systems will take a long time to establish after transplant because they are pushing energy still into leaves). We are excited to see colors!

However, remember what is under all those colors and don't skimp on the soil!

Soil is the foundation of life. It is was gives our #ecosystems life and vibrancy. It is what provides the #biologicaldiversity of our systems. It provides all sorts of life for insects, animals, and people. I get into this discussion with my clients frequently. Why is this project costing so much? I only see so many plants..... The cost value is below the surface- it is sometimes what you don't see unless you stop and dig your hands in the dirt.

Adding soil amendments to our clay soil of the Midwest is helpful for most plants (on the other hand our #nativeplants don't require so many amendments!) (Always think native first!) But whether you add amendments or not, ask about rototilling, compost, leaf litter, organic fertilizer, root fertilizer, etc. Be informed about the soil in your own yard, the front yard could be completely different than the backyard. Some areas may be fill soils, others wet, etc. Find out with lies beneath and dive into what you can do to boost it's life! These are elements that everyone should be armed with to understand that caring for the structure of life is just as important as the window dressings......

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