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Winter Planning

Well, it hasn't always felt like winter but we still have a long way to go until the first day of Spring! We are playing the waiting game- awaiting those first glimpses of color to spring into place. While the ground has not frozen yet and the dormant plants are desperate for moisture (thank goodness for the rains), our minds should not 'wait it out'. As Lise Funderburg states, "With the perspective that comes from distance- less use and fewer attention- grabbing maintenance chores- you can revisit existing designs and reconsider plant palettes. And with the bones of the garden exposed, you can easily see what's out of balance and where you might want to add in structure or visual texture, whether in the form of plants or #hardscaping." Without the activity and the flash of colors, you take away the 'clothing' of the #landscape and see the flow, movement, and openness of the space to help you understand the potentiality of function and use. Winter also provides the opportunity to see the textures of the landscape, which are sometimes lost during the brilliant colors of the season. Whatever you are searching for, use, structure, function, color, or texture, let winter provide you with the planning platform to #seenaturedifferently and explore the possibilities. Let #LandscapeArchitecture take you to new heights and come alive

in the depths or not so depths of this winter.

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