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#WinterFatigue and #VirtualFatigue: Breaking the Ice

As we prepare for sub zero temperatures this weekend, I am looking out at the frozen landscape and then staring at my computer screen. Sound familiar? Stuck between a rock and a hard place we have entered the #WinterFatigue and #VirtualFatigue season. Too far away from Spring to really be excited (but at least the beautiful snow helps!) and inching towards one year of our pandemic situations that though we should be used to, we are still struggling with isolation and meeting fatigue. So how do we break the ice or stop the endless #GroundhogDay cycle? Breathe in and Breathe out and remember....

In every time a season...

We are all part of nature, trees in a great forest

Everyone is unique and different, growing at their own rate and in their own way

As trees we plant our roots in the soil of our parents

We take in sunshine and rain and grow from above

Sometimes we have to weather storms around us

And accept help to clean us up and trim us up

Deal with broken branches and scars and know they will heal

Accept pruning graciously, accepting the fear to encourage new growth

Making the hard choices of cutting out girdling roots in order to survive

Breathing deep through the seasons

Shedding leaves and the excess each season

And sharing the joy with those around you

Growing new leaves and spreading flowers of hope

Providing shelter for the understory and seedlings

Sinking your roots deep to grow beyond the surface in search of something more

Aging with grace and excepting the passage of time to each season

Saying goodbye and accepting returning to the earth

And hoping you help something new grow again. Copywrite 2021 AArnold

So Dream of Spring and the Adventures now and ahead and take in each moment of each day!

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