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World Ecosystems (Well Kind of)

Last week was a wonderful week to get away from the gray of our stalled out days of Spring and going to a lush green escape. While enjoying the areas around Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort, I enjoyed seeing color, vibrancy and the unique ecosystems that Florida has to offer. Like our backyards, Florida has varied ecosystems from marshland, everglades, beach/sea water habitats, savanna, to scrub/shrub and more and they can vary with just a few feet of one other. #WaltDisneyWorldResort has perfected this art with recreating world ecosystems. At the Epcot #FlowerandGardenFestival and #Epcot itself they have recreated and mimicked ecosystems. While these #ecosystems would not survive side by side and some liberties may have been taken like the new world at #DisneyAnimalKingdom of #Pandora all were created based on living ecosystems and stay very true to their spaces. While dynamic to explore they remind us of the specifics of our backyards and how we can 'create' a landscape that thrives. I decided to discuss some of those qualities in a short video- enjoy! #FreshEpcot

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