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Happy Easter!

As many of us are celebrating #Easter this weekend, we are also celebrating the beginning of the growing season. #Daffodils are pushing forward, seeds are being sown indoors, colors of #Helleborus and #Crocus are scattering the landscape, and we are celebrating! #Spring is a time for newness, growth and discovery. We are looking to how we can make a fresh start in the Spring with new additions, trials, and projects. I had a jump start this year visiting #WaltDisneyWorldResort for #FreshEpcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. Their #LivingwiththeLand exhibit gives you a quick tour of the greenhouses of Disney. This is where tons of produce is grown annually and where cutting edge research happens daily. It is a great inspiration when you see this:

It just shows people are getting excited about food and the environment! My husband can testify that I was ecstatic (and no it was not photoshopped)! We are starting to become more aware, interested and excited about the world around us and how we can be more involved in our #ecosystems by caring for our pollinators and growing our own #fruits (yes even in Chicagoland), #vegetables, and #herbs. It is amazing what you can do with very little space. Disney has shown that with their innovative systems.

While you may not have a greenhouse or unlimited funding- you do have an #ecosysteminyourbackyard. Be adventurous this season during this #Springtime of discovery and excitement. Try out fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the ground, pots, living walls, and more. Discover something bold and fresh in your backyard- it's so easy you may just get caught up in the magic!

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