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Hello All! Sorry for my 2020 hiatus between our crazy little boy and the state of 2020 no words need to be expressed! I look forward to being in touch this year sharing thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks, and just bringing some sunshine (like we actually have today!). So as we are huddled down this beautiful winter day I want to share some thoughts about growth...

#Growth is about #change, which we all resist. Something positive that 2020 taught us was that we all could use some growth and connection to help our world move forward. The beauty of that is nature gives us all the tools to discover this growth process and mimic it.

As we contemplate our gardens we might be thinking of what to add, what to change, and what to remove. We think and highly anticipate the growth of the new season (and the weeds to follow). What do you focus on- the new growth or the arrival of weeds? Are you a glass half empty or half full? Nature reminds us that all change is positive it just is in the eyes of the beholder. I love the quote from #DougLarsen- "A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except learning to grow in rows." #Nature shows us there are no mistakes (well maybe mosquitoes), constant changes, #resilience, flexibility, adaptability, growth, and beauty that takes our breath away.

So remember as you start #planningyourgarden, look for the unique, be ok with where you are at, look at failures as changes and opportunities, and see how you can change your view. Growth is about change and change is about seeing things different so

be flexible, think outside the box, look towards nature, always see growth as positive, and be ok with a few weeds not in rows.....

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Sep 23, 2021

Great reeading your post

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