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Create It | Design It | Plant It

At PlanIt Landscape Perspectives, LLC our goal is to advocate for the land and educate every step of the way by providing exemplary service designing spaces to fit form, function and ecosystem.  PlanIt Landscape Perspectives, LLC will provide the tools to help you create, design and plant your landscape. 

Conceptual image by: The Pixel Artist

Ecosystem Consultation

We provide advice for all your gardening needs in relationship to your personal ecosystems. This can include master plan strategies, management plans, design sketches, horticultural advice (e.g. drainage and water problems, pests, pruning), edibles, perennials, trees and shrubs, etc. We use a 3-step process to ensure your ecosystem will last.

Landscape Architecture/

Ecological Design

We provide design direction for your project, such as to-scale plans, sketches, ecological planning, conceptual imagery design (2D/3D), construction documents, management plans/packages, and phased strategies.

Landscape Architecture Advocacy

We provide and promote outreach for students, changing professionals, and the public about the value and role of landscape architecture and opportunity for a rich and diverse career, stewardship of the environment, and educational enrichment and awareness.

Educational Outreach and Management

We provide lectures, workshops, manuals, publications and demonstrations/hands-on training for groups and individuals about ecological design, landscape architecture, landscape management, native installation and management, etc.

Landscape Photography & Videography

Our Photographer works with you to capture your landscape masterpiece and bring it to life digitally. From master plans to buzzing pollinators, we are committed to providing you quality and stunning photos and videos. Visit our photography site to learn more!

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