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April Showers bring May.....Landscape Architecture?!

April Showers bring May flowers was a phrase that I enjoyed growing up- it meant that #spring was finally coming! However our #AprilShowers have been more like Snow Showers!

While we have a few more unseasonably cold days coming over the next week there seems to be some normal temperatures on the horizon! So put on the brakes and keep your patience- Mother Nature will do what she pleases- don't rush her! In the meantime, we can think about what other joys April Showers bring- World Landscape Architecture Month!

World Landscape Architecture Month #WLAM, is an international celebration of landscape architecture. April is a time to introduce the public to the profession by highlighting landscape architect designed spaces around the world.

Much of what you see around you has been touched by a #LandscapeArchitect : from the parks we enjoy, the homes we live in, the places we work and drive, and the lands we vacation. Landscape Architecture forms and shapes the world we live in to create dynamic, sustainable, functional and creative design. Celebrate the world around and our local #ASLAIllinois #ILASLA chapter by printing the card below and taking a picture with your favorite place. Then discover how it was created and who it was created by; it just might surprise you!

Enjoy the beautiful of the first signs of Spring; it will be here eventually and in the meantime celebrate #WLAM2018!

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