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Beware the Ides of March

This is a classic phrase and one my Dad always reminds me of each year. But it also is a reminder that mid March is already here! And woe to you that hasn’t thought about their gardens yet!

Planning is in full swing for #LandscapeArchitects and #Designprofessionals and #installation and #maintenance times are booking up. Please call today. But more importantly think about your garden.

Start looking your areas of woe….. the underused, the ignored, the overused, the dream, the reality, the crazy, the functional, the problem…. The list goes on and on but they all have direction, purpose, and solutions within your outdoor living space. However as you get excited about color and life in the landscape again and get all excited about new plans beware the ides of hype!

As I talked about a few weeks ago, all the new plants have come into the market with full force. Be aware of new cultivars and plants showing up on the market. As some of these plants have been tested for close to 10 years (depending on the quality of the grower) they are still ‘babies’ in their development. They have not seen diversity in weather, soil, and conditions of our area- sometimes they aren’t even developed in our area.

Also #shoplocal! Shop at your local garden centers and ask where the plants have been grown. You want plants that have been grown and tried in our environment because they will always be more durable. You don’t want a plant grown in Georgia that has never seen a Zone 5 winter?! Chances are it will be an annual. There are some great resources out there- the #ChicagoBotanicalGardens have had some great information about plant trials- check it out.

Know what you are buying, ask its growing location, and be an informed shopper. You want your garden to succeed- you want to fill in these areas of woe- do it once and do it right! So the ides can roll on by……

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