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Never Stop Learning....

A phrase we most often hear from our parents or grandparents but how true it rings! In the world of horticulture and landscape architecture this is especially true. To be a professional you must always be soaking the world around you up like a sponge. Winter is a great time to learn with the world’s skeleton on display to see the structure in the details. There is never a bad time to learn!

In the past week, I have enjoyed fabulous webinars and the DuPage Environmental Summit in partnership with The Conservation Foundation Nature Rx Initiative. You can learn more at the next event in Glen Ellyn-

Who would have thought nature is good for our health? We as individuals who love nature have know this for years, and I think we have all inherently know this our whole lives but have ‘turned it off’ to keep other material items turned on. The Environmental Summit offered a morning of health/nature focused presentation with fascinating data about our health and the striking connections to the environment around us. It is not just about being outside but interacting with the nature the surrounds you. Make purposeful decisions in your garden and understand how certain features and plants add to your surrounding ecosystem and your personal happiness.

Look for PlanIt News every Friday as a bright stop before your weekend for more news, tips, and discussions about the beautiful world we live in. As my Great Grandmother always reminded me- “Amanda you play in the dirt for a living….” Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, it will make you a healthier individual and you might just have a little fun.

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