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Spring Anyone?

#Spring has Sprung! Well as least it has just started to show up. We have started to see our first signs of Spring this week. Spring Witchhazels are opening up, Crocus are showing their true form, Snowdrops are coloring the ground, buds are swelling, and we are just starting to see the first signs of green in our #planting beds. We get anxious this time of year- I know I am. As I walked around my own yard this week, I just wanted to grab my shovel and dig right in! We tend to think about cleaning up debris and feeling fresh in the Spring, hiring professionals and jumping right in, however Mother Nature is not through with winter yet and we need to take a couple steps back before we Leap Forward (oh wait that is daylight savings time next week!).

Take a deep breath in and smell the richness of the soil and the Spring and then PLAN with these simple steps!

-Don’t clean up the debris in your garden too soon. Life is hanging out under those branches, leafs and remains of plants. #Bees and other insects are dependent on these areas so don’t be too hasty. Also, we always get a cold snap in our area before the first signs of spring- you don’t want those crowns to be damaged by hard frost. Move slowly- there is plenty of time!

-Middle to end of March is a great time to finish up winter pruning. #Prune your fruit trees to encourage increased production and do renewal #pruning on any shrub, remove damaged branches from winter, and look for any problem areas in your trees and shrubs. When the weather warms up slightly this is an ideal time to not stress out these plants.

-Plan for Fall- it sounds silly but this is a great time to see the areas in your #garden that lack Spring color. See what areas need #bulbs for next year and make a note to add them in the fall. Find areas that have later starting #perennials and plan for some Spring color. You won’t remember in the Summer and everything will be filled in and look different. You will be happy that you planned ahead next Winter!

-Choose but Choose Wisely- as you start your Spring planning- choose your #landscapeprofessionals wisely and call them now! They are already scheduling and planning way in advance. Make sure to get on their schedules. Be informed too! It is your landscape- own it! Be particular and choose professionals that are quality reputations and quality work. You wouldn't hire a carpenter to only put up three walls of your house, don't hire a landscape professional that would do the same to your landscape. Your #outdoorliving space is an extension of your house- take care of it as a valuable asset (it does improve your #propertyvalue more than you think!)

Have ideas, budgets, and a reasonable timeframe. Don’t forget we are working with living things and Mother Nature, sometimes delays happen and quality doesn’t happen in two weeks. Be prepared and be reasonable in your expectations- you will be much happier with the results and have a unique outdoor living space that is all your own.

-Enjoy- Enjoying Designing It, Creating It, and Planting It! See nature in every stage and every opportunity of beauty. Contact us today before Spring really does Spring into life!

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